Exhibition April / May 2016, ARTSPACE-K2 in Remagen

Borders always mean separation, with the result that adjacent spaces raise fundamental questions of belonging, identity and otherness.

Where are we located? How do we perceive the different facets of cultures and conviviality?

In order to address these questions, I use the juxtaposition of the modern city with nature as a metaphor for different spaces and their mutual influence and interdependence. The development of urban spaces is constantly changing, but it is always in conflict with the natural world. Man is increasingly faced with complex decisions that force him to resolve the contradictions between material and idealistic values.

To illustrate this multi-layered problem, I use the - already described – technique: I print my own edited photos on transparent foil, cut, reassemble and paint them over.

Report Generalanzeiger Bonn vom 06. April 2016

Report of Rheinzeitung Koblenz vom 07. April 2016

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