Over the past two years, I have increasingly explored the interplay of photographic naturalism and free graphic design.

The violence, power and beauty of the sea are confronted with elements of human civilization: form-correspondences of boat ribs and human ribs, content-related references of music, the theme of Sturm, corresponds to the notation of these pieces of music.
Other forms of nature, such as plants, their parts and vegetal structures are examined in their form and questioned about their inner life.

The technique refers to the principle of collage, but is reinterpreted by me, using only my own photos, and editing them easily on the computer. Then I print these on transparencies and / or tracing paper. For the picture they are partly cut, reassembled, even superimposed. The transparency of the material opens up further spatial layers.

In addition, I over-paint, and underline them, accentuate or eliminate graphically certain areas until the result seems to me to be consistent.

(c) 2019 bei Charlotte Schwarz-Sierp