The examination of man in his current environment

The loneliness of the human being due to digital media, but also because of being exposed to a partly inhospitable environment becomes visible through a combination of heterogeneous elements. Photos, sometimes objects, different motives are put together using crossfading, collages and montages. The composition is characterised by little use of colour as well as contrasts.

My work was inspired by the perception of the increasing alienation of people through the constant presence and availability of mobile phones and the Internet and the thus resulting isolation of the individual.

The photos are partly painted over, cut up, reassembled and superimposed. I often combine seemingly heterogeneous motives to form new realities, in order to demonstrate the ambiguity of our existence.

I do not only present this ambiguity in the relationship of human beings to their environment, I also see it in nature itself. With the chosen techniques I try to address positive or negative changes due to human interventions.

(c) 2019 bei Charlotte Schwarz-Sierp