Publication in June 2017:

 Cover of the publication 'löcher im polypropylengewebe'

Dichtungsring Nr 49:

"löcher im polypropylengewebe"

Fourteen of my new paintings illustrate the 130-page volume no. 49 "Holes in Polypropylene" of the journal 'Dichtungsring' – first published in 1981. It has thus turned into a small catalogue of my paintings

In addition to my paintings there are texts by Ulrich Bergmann, Rainer Maria Gassen, Jana Grolms, Ines Hagemeyer, Franz Hofner, Natascha Huber, Lara Krump, Rita Kupfer, Gabriele Lanser, Caroline Mahr, Dennis Mizioch, Werner Pelzer, Marc Richter, Andi Roscher, Horst Saul, Sigune Schnabel, Alfonsina Storni, Gabriele Trinckler, Sue Ulmer, Cornelius van Alsum, Sylvia Wage, Jan Weidner. eje winter und Gerd Willée.

The editors of the volume are Michael Kohl, David Krause und Werner Pelzer.

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